Get Your Business Offline!

gyboOh, the irony.

GYBO or “CANADA GET YOUR BUSINESS ONLINE” as the big YouTube ad said, peaked my interest because a) being in the business of helping businesses with their online strategy I welcomed more sales ammunition, and b) I was surprised that there were any businesses left in the category of “not online”. Unfortunately, this launch party ended with a whimper.

gybo_smLegitmised bmassive_hit_spoty the promise of TV loudmouth and celebrity entrepreneur Kevin O’Leary, and with well known sponsors, I figured this would be worth checking out. It turns out that clicking on the one link on the landing page takes you to a webpage with the URL of “” but the subtle online business secret of “Error 404”.

I don’t want to be purely critical though. Despite being in pole position and crashing into a ditch just before the finishing post (mixed metaphors, I know), the web page did some things right. This is a well crafted landing page.

  • Big call-to-action
  • Obvious button
  • Massive hit spot

Firstly, the most obvious item on the page is the one thing the site owners want you to click on, the link. By using a block of vibrant colour against an otherwise subdued palette, it’s the first thing you see. Many users, me included, coming from an ad that promised something, won’t even read the text on the landing page to get context, they’ll look for the link and click on it. I didn’t care what the format of the result was going to be, I just wanted to know what information there was going to be about getting a business online.

Admittedly, that last sentence was a lie, I did have some expectations and they didn’t include what I was actually delivered.gybo_not_so_much_sm

Secondly, there was only one action that I could perform on the page. By creating a simple but rigid funnel for visitor actions, the chances of losing visitors through indecision, confusion, trepidation, or irritation is highly reduced. That’s going to keep the conversion rate high.

If I were to make further recommendations, they would be these:

  1. Don’t waste money on advertising to broken landing pages. Conversion is going to be low, real low.
  2. Clarify the call to action text within in the button. As discussed, there’s a good chance visitors won’t read any other text on the page – you want them to click on the link. Tell we exactly what to do and expect. e.g. “View the live broadcast with Kevin O’Leary”.

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