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logo_paper-liA Swiss startup called Small Rivers has launched a new service called, which gathers links that your network has shared and turns them into a Twitter newspaper, complete with different sections for various topics.

What is and How Does it Work, launched in April 2010, organizes and displays content from links shared on Twitter into an easy-to-skim “Twitter paper” webpage that looks like an online newspaper. It allows you to turn your Twitter stream, a Twitter list or hashtag into a Daily Paper. extracts links to news stories, photos, videos which it then analyzes, using a tool the company calls “semantic text analysis” to determine the relevance of the stories. The site then displays the links and related content in sections based on the context of the link. You can use the service to create themed pages based on specific topics using hashtags, such as #Tofino or #YYJMusic, in much the same way that newspapers create special sections around an event or topic. also automatically creates topical sections such as technology, business, arts & entertainment, photos and politics. If you mouse-over the source of each link or photo, you can reply, retweet, follow / unfollow, and favorite that user. It also embeds the creator’s Twitter stream in a sidebar,

The Tofino Daily

The Tofino Daily fills a niche in the social ecosystem of news. Here are a few of the newest Twitter Dailies popping up around YYJ. developer SmallRivers, is getting ready up to launch in beta, and has already attracted a lot of attention from established social and traditional media companies for partnerships.

The company is currently working on adding more functionalities and content (like Facebook) to the service and adding support for multiple languages. The new beta version is reported go live in the next few weeks. I’m looking forward to the updates.

This is a great way to track or promote a topic or group of Twitter users you are passionate about. So go ahead and create one – it’s actually pretty easy.

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