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BlackBerry or CrackBerry?

BlackBerry or CrackBerry?

Watching a recent CBC Doc Zone documentary about mobile phone usage got me to thinking about my own use of the technology. Has it really improved my productivity or am I a slave to it, an addict.

It’s funny, even as I write this, knowing that I answered “YES” to 6 out of the 8 questions below, I still don’t think I’m addicted to it. But could I give it up – no way! I recently upgraded from a two year old BlackBerry Curve to a new iPhone 4. I am truly embarrassed at how excited I was to get it. I had tried the local Costco and FutureShop, both of which were out of stock and didn’t know when they would be getting new stock.

We Open at 9:30

One night at the Social Media Club a friend told me that the Rogers at Mayfair Mall were getting some in the next morning. I was there at 9:20, thinking there might be a line-up. The dude behind the counter was just opening. “Is the rumor true” I ask? He looks at me kind of sideways between his sunglasses and hoodie, “what rumor“? “You have iPhones.” “Yeah, and we open at 9:30“, as if to say, chill I’m busy.

An hour later I was hooked up and loading apps like nobody’s business. I’m not a gadget guy or a geek, ask anyone who knows me, but somehow it got me. I love what I’m able to do with it. From connecting via email & social media, taking photos and video, to booking meetings on Google Calendar, searching locations on maps, and oh yeah talking to people on the phone, it’s more than a mobile office. It makes me feel productive that’s for sure.

Take the Survey

How about you – are you the master of your smart phone. Or is it the master of you? Take this short poll and I’ll post the responses in a week or so.


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  1. Chris Burdge says:

    Thanks to the 24 people that completed the survey, so far. Some interesting results. You can see the results either by clicking on the link after you take the survey (best case if you haven’t taken it) or if you already completed the survey you can se the results here

    Seems like we’re all guilty of overusing our mobile devices everywhere but in the shower… Feel free to leave a comment about your use or abuse.

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